Your Complete Guide to Interior Paint

Can you use the same sort of interior paint in all of your rooms? It's not as straight forward as you may think as conditions in one room are not necessarily the same as those in another. Your basement is not the same as your kitchen, and your kitchen is not the same as your bedroom.

Different areas of your home require different types of paint due to differences in lighting, activity, and microclimates.

So, whether you're painting one room or several, you should adapt paint types to each room or surface. 

Decorative Paint 

The Best Paint for Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are low-impact areas where you can use any colour you wish. Due to these areas often being forgiving in terms of effect, you can use flat or matte paint if you desire. However, why not go with something a bit different for your bedroom?

Velvet effect paint was previously used for exquisite and exclusive settings in mansions and important residences. We couldn't think of a more luxurious finish than a velvet effect to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your bedroom. Oikos Ottocento Decorative Paint is the perfect answer if you're looking for a contemporary look with a classy feel. 

Oikos Ottocento Decorative Interior Paint

The Best Paint for Your Kitchen

There is a broad category for interior wall paints regarding kitchens but try to avoid flat or other forms of matte colours since they can be difficult to clean. While satin and eggshell sheens are popular, some homeowners are worried about upkeep, so they choose a semi-gloss sheen in their kitchen. 

Oikos Supercolor Interior Paint is an ecological paint that boasts optimal washability, breathability, yield, and coverage. Ideal for every space at home or at work. Its washability makes it easy to clean, and its permeability allows every wall to breathe correctly - making it perfect for your kitchen. The high yield ensures a low cost per square metre and an excellent quality/price ratio.

Oikos Supercolor Interior Paint

The Best Paint for Your Bathroom

Due to dampness in the bathroom, having a wall surface that you can quickly wipe clean is beneficial. Paints with higher sheens have a tighter molecular structure than flat paints, making moisture penetration more difficult. 

For this, we recommend the Oikos Ultrasaten Interior Stain-Resistant Paint. Ultrasaten is highly stain-resistant and environmentally friendly, as well as super-covering, super-washable, scratch-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. It provides easy cleaning with a sponge wipe without harming or discolouring the finish. There are over 3000 colours to choose from and three different gloss levels: matt, satin, and glossy.

Oikos Ultrasaten Interior Stain-Resistant Paint

The Best Paint for Ceilings

For good reason, the bulk of ceilings are painted flat white. Lighter hues reflect the majority of ambient light into the space, making it appear larger. Flat paint can conceal minor flaws that are typical on ceilings. It also eliminates the space-limiting illusion created by glossy paints. Oikos Supermatt Interior Paint is a professional ecological interior paint free of formaldehyde with a lovely, smooth, matt finish. 

The unique composition ensures outstanding surface breathability as well as inside comfort. The paint is washable, has good coverage, and has a high white point, making it ideal for all wall surfaces that require a durable finish while still delivering an even, matt aesthetic look. 

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