How will Laminate Flooring Look in my Home?


Due to its warmth and timeless charm, laminate flooring is one of the most popular home interior materials. You can bring out its inherent beauty with these design ideas if you are thinking about giving your home a makeover. 

This versatile flooring option is popular for its functionality and aesthetics, adding incredible texture and a sense of warmth to kitchens, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, and other areas. Many homeowners wonder how to decorate with laminate wood flooring since the natural material makes a statement in almost any area. Due to this surface material being so noticeable, pick wall colours, furniture, and accessories that complement rather than conflict with your laminate flooring

To get a unified appearance, you don't have to match every piece perfectly. You can improve the classic charm of your laminate flooring while adding your specific style by using a few basic design ideas. Why not try out our ideas below and see how you can transform your home? 

1. Select a complimentary colour scheme to match your laminate flooring

Choosing the proper colour scheme is one of the most challenging aspects of decorating with laminate flooring. The easiest method to figure out which colours go with your wood flooring is to look at the undertone of the material. Within the finish of your flooring, there are typically tiny hues of yellow, orange, red, grey, or brown. Once you've discovered the underlying hue, use the colour wheel principles to choose colours that suit your wood flooring. Shades of blue, for example, help balance wood with yellow or orange tones, whilst green looks stunning against laminate flooring with brown colouring.

Laminate flooring in a muted neutral living room

2. Use different materials for furniture and accessories

A room with laminate floors and furniture may look too weighty for most people's tastes. Incorporate various materials into your furniture and accessories to balance the design. Wood floors complement multiple textures, such as woven textiles, leather, metal, concrete, painted surfaces, and more, which you can incorporate with upholstered seating, accent furniture, and wall decor. To connect the area, use wood elements in modest doses, such as on furniture legs or with accessories like picture frames.

3. Maintain wood flooring throughout the rooms

The flooring should generally be consistent between rooms in homes with open floor designs. Install planks that organically flow from room to room without separators to avoid seams between areas. Flooring consistency creates a pleasant look and makes cleaning easier in the long term.

Laminate flooring throughout apartment

4. Dark wood flooring should be lightened up

Pull light into your space with brighter cabinet selections, white walls, or patterned area rugs that give dramatic contrast in a home with dark floors throughout. Simultaneously, select window coverings that enable natural light to flood the area, highlighting the beauty of the laminate floor.

5. Bring in some vibrant colours

For example, a painted island and brightly coloured bar stools draw attention up and away from the laminate floors in a colourful kitchen. This shifts the emphasis to the bright accents. This design tip is great if you love a pop of colour!

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