How to Clean Italian Porcelain Tiles

Wouldn't you agree there's a sense of accomplishment after tidying and cleaning the house, a sense of momentarily restoring order?

A weekly cleaning regimen should include making sure all surfaces are clean and sanitary. Specific surfaces, on the other hand, require special care to stay in good condition and preserve their lustre. Porcelain tiles, for example, require varied procedures depending on whether they are polished or unpolished, anti-slip or textured.

How to Clean Porcelain Tiles Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step method for cleaning porcelain tiles, with an emphasis on the equipment and supplies needed for complete cleaning.

1) Remove all dust

To begin cleaning porcelain tiles, remove any dust that has accumulated. Use a dry dust mop or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. A microfiber mop is another alternative. Make a point of getting into the corners and between the tiles. This is a preparatory step for more thorough cleaning.

2) Detail cleaning

For localised stains, use a soft nylon brush and warm water and clean in a circular motion. It is best to avoid using the brush on any dry spots since it might damage the tiles.

3) Cleaning solution and hot water mopping

Finish by cleaning with a moderate floor cleanser that will not harm glazed or glossy tiles. Finally, use hot water before the cleaning solution has completely dried.

4) Complete drying and buffing

Finally, dry with a microfiber cloth or a clean towel before buffing to a shine with a gentle towel or other fabric.

Cleaning different types of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles require the least amount of upkeep of any textile used on walls and floors. However, not all porcelain tiles need the same cleaning procedures...

How do you clean porcelain tiles in the bathroom?

Porcelain tiles in bathrooms that may build soap residue or limescale should be cleaned on a regular basis using an appropriate detergent product, allowing it to function for a few minutes before washing. Porcelain tiles require little upkeep, just a weekly wipe with a basic cleaning agent will do!

To clean porcelain bathroom tiles, add a few drops of cleaner to the water and scrub.

How should high-gloss porcelain tiles be cleaned?

Water stains, oil, debris, and even fingerprints are more likely to appear on high-gloss tiles, requiring additional attention. Although liquid detergents are intended to eliminate surface grime, if not used correctly, they may leave visible stains on the surface. 

Keeping this in mind, clean the entire area at once instead of air-drying the tiles. Then rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a towel after using your cleaning solution. The tiles will have a glossy surface with no watermarks or streaks.

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