Do I Need to Wax My Wood Flooring

Although we are more accustomed to having our wood flooring treated with polyurethane nowadays, in the not-too-distant past, all of the grandest homes had wooden floors polished with wax.

A wax finish is one of the most sophisticated solutions for homeowners who want to guarantee that their home looks sleek with a modern appeal. 

What are the benefits of using wax on wooden flooring?

As stated above, although polyurethane has been the primary chemical used to polish wooding flooring for over 40 years, wax is making a comeback because it provides a less common finish.

One of the nicest things about a wax finish is its very low shine, giving it a more casual appearance than a polyurethane finish.

Wax's toxicity in regard to wooden flooring

Another advantage of using a wax finish is that it is a much healthier and greener alternative for your wood flooring. This is due to both liquid wax and solid paste wax containing fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and being less harmful than polyurethane. A wax finish will be your best friend if you are concerned about your health or the environment.

Simple to use

In most cases, a wax finish will be considerably easier to apply than the alternatives, so if you are finishing your wooden flooring yourself, it may be worth looking into the option to make your life a little easier.


Wax has a lot less irritating odour than alternatives such as polyurethane and acid-cured finishes, so a wax finish would be preferable if you are sensitive to strong odours.


The wax finish can penetrate deep into the centre of your wood flooring, providing an outstanding degree of protection while nourishing the wood. Furthermore, if you pick a wax finish, your floors will benefit from a low shine.

What are the drawbacks of wax?

Despite the numerous obvious advantages of utilising a wax finish for your wood flooring, it is also fair to argue that there are a number of disadvantages to using wax over other solutions. Here are a few of the most crucial things to remember:


Wax tends to deepen and stain wood with time, so your floor may be a different colour than you intended. However, if you apply a base layer of either standing sealer or shellac along with the wax, you will avoid this. Using one of these as a foundation will seal the wood and prevent discolouration.


Unfortunately, some wax finishes are less durable than polyurethane finishes, so you may have to refinish your floors more frequently if you choose a wax finish over a polyurethane finish.

As you can see, there are several reasons to utilise a wax finish and a few reasons not to. If you want extra assistance or advice, we recommend contacting a reputable hardwood flooring provider like us! 

If you have any questions about how to best look after your wood flooring, please don't hesitate to contact us, and someone from our friendly team will be happy to assist you. 

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