Cement Board Render System


Panel Substrate Render Boards

Licata’s Cement Board Render System has been designed for substrates built with a steel or timber frame. Featuring great durability, water repellent surface and protection against algae and mould. With increased strength and crack resistance, due to the glass fibre mesh. Choose from brick slips, coloured render, resin multi-colour or plaster for the decorative finish. With over 700 colours available, you can pick the perfect coloured render for your project.


Suitable For Steel & Timber Frames –

The Licata substrate render board system is compatible with steel and timber substrates and will work equally well with either one. You can expect decades of reliable performance, energy savings and enhanced kerb appeal whether you choose a steel frame or timber frame foundation.

Over 700 Colour Options – people are sometimes reluctant to embrace these types of panel substrate render system external applications believing they have no control over the look of the finished product. Nothing could be further from the truth. The topcoat can be worked to produce a variety of textures and you have your choice of more than 700 colour options.

Weather Resistant – kerb appeal is all very well and good, but if this type of panel substrate render system is not capable of standing up to the extreme weathering forces it will encounter then it isn’t worth much. Not to worry. When it comes to render manufacturers Licata is unmatched in producing world-class external render carrier board systems that stand resolute in the face of nature’s relentless onslaught.

Protects Against Algae & Mould – with external render board systems, there is concern it could play host to algae and mould. If true this would undermine the attractiveness of the render finishes and pose a potential health hazard. Fortunately, the Licata panel substrate render system is algae and mould resistant. Enjoy long term peace of mind knowing this type of render system will retain its looks and never pose a health risk.

Excellent Drying Time – Licata external silicone render finishes are quick drying which provides maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing an application time. Simply choose an application window when rain and frost is not anticipated for several days.

Breathable & Lightweight – our panel substrate render system seals your home against the elements and produces a significant bump in energy efficiency. It’s also highly breathable to prevent moisture from undermining the efficacy of the system, and lightweight so as not to put undue stress on external walls.

Durable & Water Repellent – a Licata panel substrate render system is not a stop-gap measure to be used until something better comes along. It is a long term solution that is both durable and water repellent. This high strength render board system is dimensionally stable and demonstrates a high degree of impact resistance.

Great Adhesion & Spreadability – the primer, base coats and topcoat silicone render all exhibit first-class adhesion and spreadability. When combined with outstanding drying times and the multitude of potential colour options they are a common-sense choice for home and business.



Suitable Substrates

Licata Substrate Panels

Steel Frame


Timber Frame

Products Required

This render system offers a choice of products for the basecoat and decorative finish. Only one product from each section is required to complete the system. If clay brick slips are to be used as the decorative finish, an extra adhesive will be required (Super S1)

Cement Boards 



Basecoat Adhesive

Isolante Primer

Decorative Finish


•Brick Slips


•Top Coat Render