Triotherm+ Frame screw Fix FK-T30

Size: 7.5x42mm
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Frame screw Fix FK-T30

7.5x42mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x62mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x72mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x82mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x92mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x102mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x112mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x122mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x132mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x152 mmgalv.

100 pieces

7.5x182mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x212mm galv.

100 pieces

7.5x252mm galv.

50 pieces

The blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30 is the universal fastener for no-plug,
efficient installation of construction elements made of wood, PVC, aluminium and wood/aluminium into a wide variety of substrates (concrete, sand-lime brick, solid brick, wood, lightweight concrete, porous concrete, vertically perforated brick).

The blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30 is especially suitable for the following applications:
  • Direct fastening for strainless installation of windows and doors
  • Suitable for all frame materials
  • Can be used without lateral spacer chocks (verified by technical tests)  
  • Fastening load-transferring blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles and auxiliary mounting brackets and supports

Product benefits:

  • Established and industry-proven fastening
  • Tapered thread tip reduces screw-in torques
  • Universal use in a wide range of common building materials
  • Distance fastening without lateral chocking (with test certificate)
  • Suitable for clamping assembly
  • Optimum transmission of the screw-in torques by TX drive


Technical Data Sheet



Case-hardened carbon steel


Galvanised white


Tapping-screw thread with tapered tip



Diameter of head:



TX T30

Head shape:

Flat head

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