Tilemaster Prime + Grip Multi-Purpose Bond Enhancing Primer (1kg & 5kg)

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Tilemaster Prime + Grip Multi-Purpose Bond Enhancing Primer (1kg & 5kg)

Tilemaster Prime+ Grip is a ready mixed, ready to use, rapid drying bond enhancing primer, for use primariliy on non-pourous substrates such as; Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM, flooring grade asphalt and bitumen, steel, existing vinyl tiles and also existing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

Tilemaster Prime+ Grip provides a textured "+ Grip" surface which gives an excellent bonding surface for Tilemaster tile adhesives and smoothing and levelling compounds. Tilemaster Prime+ Grip gives added confidence when tiling and/or self-levelling directly onto smooth, non-absorbant surfaces due to its excellent bond enhancing properties.

Tilemaster Prime+ Grip is rapid drying and it can be tiled or levelled over after as little as 15 minutes dependent on ambient temperatures and is suitable for use internally and externally. Although Tilemaster Prime+ Grip is primarily intended for use on non-porous substrates it can also be used on porous substrates if required. Tilemaster Prime+ Grip is an excellent priming option on porous substrates where the surface finish of smoothing and levelling compounds is critical, as using Tilemaster Prime+ Grip in this instance will consolidate the surface of the substrate.

Approximately 45 – 65m² per 5kg (depending on porosity of surface/substrate)

Pack Sizes
5kg, 1kg



  • Wall & Floor Primer For Non-absorbent Surfaces
  • Provides An Excellent Key And ‘+ Grip’ Surface
  • Rapid Drying
  • Ready Mixed And Ready To Use
  • Consolidates Substrates Prior To Installation

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