Licata Silicone Render 25kg

Color: Chalk
Grain Size : 1mm
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Sale price£56.93 GBP
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Silicone Top Coat Render

Licata Silicone render thin coat is a ready mixed top coat for external use, highly breathable, high water resistance and excellent mechanical strength. Silicone render provides a high resistance to algae, fungi, mould and to atmospheric agents. The careful choice of acrylic binders and silicone, ensures good durability and a gloss finish with pearlescent effect to the water drops. Licata Silicone Render is ideal as a decorative finish in all work requiring high permeability to water vapour. Our premium Silicone top coat formula provides flexibility and durability, ensuring your facade is protected for years to come.


High water-repellency. Workability: the thixotropy of the coating combines excellent spreadability of the coating with good adhesion to the substrate to minimise any material peeling during processing excellent permeability to water vapour• Improved pot life: Siloxan Color, in standard conditions, makes for easier work on large-size façades thanks to an improvement made to the extended working time. Algal and mould protection: the special mould-proof additives found in the formula guarantee an excellent degree of protection against algal and mould growth.


For application by hand, apply the product onto the substrate using a stainless steel trowel and mix it using the plastic trowel. Coating laying that is not applied in a single processing cycle, in an uneven or discontinuous manner could easily create chromatic alterations or “voids” in the coating pattern. The use of different types of trowels, or mixing with different circular trowel movements during application could compromise the homogeneity of the final appearance of the finish. On internal substrates, a single coat of the product can be applied, whereas on external substrates, a double layer of render needs to be applied to ensure suitable thickness for protection against the weather. Make sure the temperature of the room and of the substrate during application falls between 5 °C and 30 °C. For more information please view technical data sheet.



Weight Grain size Consumption
1.0mm approx 1.7kg/m2
1.2mm approx 2.0kg/m2
1.5mm approx 2.6kg/m2


Technical Data Sheet

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