Acrylic Top Coat Render 25kg

Color: Chalk
Size: 1mm
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 Licata Acrylic Top Coat Render 25kg

Licata Acrylic Render is a mineral coating made with water-dispersed potassium silicate paste, ready for use and which can be pigmented. It conforms to standard DIN 18363 in regard to the pureness of silicates, and it is specifically designed for work on new or existing façades as well as the decorative phase of reinforced skim coating or in Licata therm external solid insulation systems. Owing to its formula, Licata Acrylic combines superior permeability to water vapour with good water-repellency and low dirt pickup. Available in multiple colours, it proves particularly suitable for restoration work in historic city centres, since it can be used to achieve special styling effects also with slight shadings on the façade. The normal properties of silicate lend LicataSil an outstanding natural protection against algal and mould growth(PH 11). Combined with colouring pastes, it guarantees good durability, gloss and full colours. Available in 4 particle sizes.

  • Extra high breathability: the careful choice of raw materials, teamed with the typical property of silicate, lend this coating excellent permeability to water vapour values.
  • Workability: the thixotropy of the coating combines excellent spreadability of the coating with good adhesion to the substrate to minimise any material peeling during processing.
  • Outstanding adhesion strength: the pure silicate based composition lends Licata Acrylic outstanding adhesion properties since it reacts chemically with the mineral substrate via a natural process called silicatisation
  • Protection against algal and mould growth: the natural highly alkaline properties of silicate (PH 11) prevent the conditions for the formation of bacterial growth such as moulds, algae, etc.


Licata Acrylic is recommended for decorating external surfaces, whether new or existing, on residential industrial or commercial buildings. It is advisable to use the product on seasoned substrates, in other words generally after a curing time of four weeks. It is applicable to substrates such as:

  • Licata therm thermal insulation systems
  • Thermal renders
  • Lime/cement based renders or skim coatings
  • Reinforced skim coating in façade restoration work
  • Concrete
  • Prefabricated concrete panels


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