Schluter Troba Level Pedestal System for 20mm thick tiles

Part: Solid Support 3mm
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With Schlüter TROBA-LEVEL, you can quickly install self-supporting paver elements on balconies and terraces with lasting precision.

The small number of different product components can be variably combined to reliably level virtually any slope and construction site situation.

Starting from assembly heights of 3 mm!

Thanks to the air circulation under the covering and the special geometry of TROBA-LEVEL products, frost damage can be reliably prevented within the assembly.

The loose installation of the pavers enables quick and uncomplicated access to the waterproofing assembly or interior drainage systems as required

Estimated quantity calculation of paver supports:

60 x 60 cm ~ 3.4 supports/m²

75 x 75 cm ~ 4.0 supports/m²

30 x 120 cm ~ 7.0 supports/m²

40 x 120 cm ~ 5.4 supports/m²

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