Schluter LIPROTEC LLPM LED Tile Trim

Carrier Profile: Anodised Aluminium
LED Colour: Warm White
Length: 0.5
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Schlüter LIPROTEC LLPM are ready-to-connect (requires power supply unit)  LED module kits for tiling projects, made from a flexible, fully coated LED strip with even light distribution and a profile made of aluminium or stainless steel with a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg. The LED modules are either available with fixed colour temperatures of 3200 K or 4900 K in the white light range or in the colour light range RGB+W. The latter enables over 16 million different colour and colour temperature combinations from 2500 K to 6500 K. The white LED module is available in the assembly height 11 mm for flush installation in the full thickness of the tile. Power supplies requirements are dependant on amount and type of modules used. Please see below "Power Requirements" information

  • Available Colours: Warm White, Neutral/Cool White, RGB+White
  • Available Lengths: 50cm, 100cm, 200cm, 250cm
  • Available Materials: Aluminium or Brushed V4A Stainless Steel
  • LED Strip cut points: RGB+White= every 62.5mm, Warm and Neutral White= every 25mm
  • IP67 Waterproof rating.

Kit Includes: 1 x Plug & Play LED Module (Diffuser, LED Strip and Power Connector), 1 x Receptical Tiling Profile (Aluminium or V4A Brushed Stainless Steel NB: Use Stainless Steel V4A version in Saunas etc), 2 x Endcaps and 1 x Sealing Compound for sealing LED strips which can be cut to suit your requirements if necessary.


  • Requires seperate power supply unit to the correct wattage (See requirement details below)
  • Can be used with Bluetooth/Radio receiver Liprotec PEBR4 sold seperately.
  • Maximum length of aligned LED modules in 1 system is - RGB+White - 6mtrs, warm & neutral white - 18mtrs
  • Only warm or neutral white modules are suitable for use on the floor in domestic applications.
  • Use Stainless Steel V4A version for Saunas (No higher than 60 degress C) or Pool applications (Not underwater).
  • Stainless Steel V4A version has an Increased resistance to chlorine.
  • The RGB+White LED module protrudes approx 3mm from the profile, so ensure this extra height is used in your calculations. (See cross-section drawing)

Power Requirements (Please remember safety reserve when selecting):

  • LLPM9 (RGB+W) - 15Watts/Mtr - (ie. For 1x 100cm Module use 30w psu, for 2 use 50w psu to allow for safety reserve)
  • LLPM1 (Warm White) - 5Watts/Mtr (ie. For 1-5x 100cm Modules use 30w psu, for 6 use 75w psu to allow for safety reserve)
  • LLPM1 (Neutral White) - 5Watts/Mtr (ie. For 1-5x 100cm Modules use 30w psu, for 6 use 75w psu to allow for safety reserve)
  • If required the supplied Euro-plug (shaver socket type plug) can be removed for direct connection to existing ring circuit or another alternative connection.
Power Supply Units available in 30w (max 27watt usage), 50w (max 45watt usage, 75w (max 67.5watt usage, 100w (max 90watt usage)

Extension Cables

  • If required, Power Supply Units, Bluetooth accessories and Module leads can be extended by 3 or 5mtrs in length by using Liprotec PZK
  • Multiple LED Modules can be connected together using Liprotec PZV, these come in 2 or 4way versions

Additional Accessories

  • Liprotec PZH - Hollow wall junction box with Kerdi sealing collar for waterproofing in tiling applications. Helps create a waterproof connection to the lighting module.
  • Procut PSF - Special LED strip cutter to assist with IP compliance when cutting LED strips to cust sizes.

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