Area: 2600 x 625 x 12.5mm
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Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-E is a V shaped component to create pipe panelling.

  • Ideal V-shaped substrate to conceal columns and exposed pipes
  • Flat panels are dust-free and easy to cut to size and install
  • Apply thin-set mortar, KERDI-FIX adhesive, or double-sided adhesive tape to V-groove to fold prior to installation
  • Waterproof and dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight and shipped in a space-saving flat design for easy storing
  • Fleece webbing for effective bonding of tile to the surface
  • Available in 

    12.5 x 625 x 2600mm  

    19 x 625 x 2600mm 

    28 x 625 x 2600mm 

    Fix with Kerdi Fix

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