Repair 450 Mortar Concrete Reinforcement 25kg

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Size Grain Size Colours Consumption
5kg 0.2mm Green 1.3 kg/m² every 1mm

Licata Repair 450 Mortar Concrete Reinforcement Rapid Dry

Repair 450 is a thixotropic, polymer-modified structural mortar, with controlled hygrometric shrinkage, made with high-resistance hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, special additive sand HT fibers. Repair 450 is specifically designed for the reconstruction or skim coating of concrete, applicable at variable thicknesses of between 5 and 50 mm. Formulated in the new Licata SpA Research and Development Laboratories, Repair 450 stands out for its easy workability, superior adhesion strength and wetting properties, excellent thixotropy, combined with superior mechanical strength. Controlled hygrometric shrinkage is the added value which the Licata SpA Research and Development team devoted specific studies to. Dimensional stability allows Repair 450 to be applied also in high thickness in a single coat(up to 50 mm), minimizing cracking throughout all the product life phases (application, plastic phase, curing).

Main Areas Of Application

Repair 450 was formulated to ensure the best performance levels in restoration and restructuring work on the most commonly used cement substrates in construction. Repair 450 can be laid in variable thicknesses of between 5 and 50 mm by hand or by machine, efficiently accommodating all the application requirements of construction sites. It is mainly intended for use in:

  • Renovating concrete, even with expose metal re bars
  • Local repairs to cement-based flooring
  • Reinforcement and strengthening of pillars, infrastructure pylons, bridges, buildings, etc.
  • Repairs on balcony rises, corners, damaged edges


  • Easy workability. The combined spreadability, easy detachment of tools and simple working are obtained thanks to theuse of latest-generation additives, reducing the level of difficulty and any delays in the laying process.
  • High adhesion strength. Repair 450 is a polymer-modified mortar (PCC). The adhesion values obtained after exposure to extreme conditions of frost, heat and chemical aggression are proof of its reliability over time in restoration work.
  • Mechanical strength. The high-performance hydraulic binders, selected inert materials with constant particle size curve and the pozzolanic additives lend it superior mechanical values. Repair 450 falls into the highest class in terms of bending strength and compression resistance of the 1504-3 standard and fully meet the requirements of class R4.
  • Outstanding wetting and thixotropic properties.
  • The special additives contained in Repair 450 make for easy application both vertically as well as over-head.
  • Controlled hygrometric shrinkage. The presence of fibers and the special formula of Repair 450 minimize cracking even in the case of high thicknesses in a single coat.


Technical Data Sheet

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