Ravatherm XPS X 300 SB 2500 x 600 x 50mm (8 PER PACK- 12m2)

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Ravatherm XPS X 300 SB 2500 x 600 x 50mm

8 Per Pack

12m2 coverage

High-performance, multi-purpose extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards for the thermal insulation of domestic and industrial floors, basement and/or cellar perimeter walls.

Ravatherm XPS X 300 SB thermal insulation is manufactured by an extrusion process, which results in a homogeneous, closed-cell material structure, smooth surface skin (extrusion skin) and many favourable material characteristics.


•Excellent thermal insulation capability
•Waterproof, negligible moisture uptake
•Energy saving
•Cost efficient solution
•Environmental friendly
•Resistent to high loads
•Simple installation
•High compressive strength


•Basement Retaining Walls
•Basement Floors
•Residential Floors
•Commercial Floors
•Cold Storage Facilities 
•Swimming Pools


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