RasoTop 800 Fibre-reinforced Mineral Base Coat/Adhesive 25kg

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Weight Grain size Colours Consumption
25kg 0.8mm Grey 4.0 - 6.0kg/m2

Licata RasoTop 800 Fibre-reinforced Mineral Base Coat/Adhesive

Raso Top 800 is a fibre-reinforced mineral adhesive/skim coating made with hydraulic binders, polymer-modified resins, selected inert materials and latest-generation additives, specifically devised for bonding and skim coating thermal insulation panels in ETAG 004 systems such as Licata therm. Raso Top 800 boasts an excellent degree of adhesion on any traditional substrate, whether new or existing, even with extremely low absorption, making it also ideal for façade restoration work, both indoors and out. Its special formula allows professionals to apply it with extreme smoothness, achieving finishes with a superior degree of styling. Its dimensional stability, guaranteed by controlled hygrometric shrinkage, means it can be applied in variable thicknesses of between 1 and 10 mm per coat, consequently Raso Top 800 also proves ideal as a regulating skim coating to restore flatness on horizontal or vertical substrates.

Main Areas Of Application

Raso Top 800 can be used on the majority of substrates commonly used in construction, for work on both new and existing buildings. It is mainly intended for use in:

  • Licata therm external solid insulation systems with classic panels such as EPS, graphite EPS, rock wool or XPS(only for low bottom board strips)
  • Lime based renders
  • Lime/cement based renders
  • Brick
  • Prefabricated concrete or cast in-situ
  • Autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Old paintwork and coatings provided they are clean, consistent and well anchored to the substrate Raso Top 800 is also used in Licata therm external solid insulation systems for bonding and skim coating of natural breathable panels such as wood fibre or cork.


  • High adhesion: owing to the addition of specific additives, Raso Top 800 boasts excellent adhesion to the majority of commonly used substrates.
  • Regulating: Raso Top 800 can also be used as a "regulating" product on extra thick surfaces that are not flat (up to 10 mm).
  • Easy workability. The combined spreadability, easy detachment of tools and simple working are obtained thanks to the use of latest-generation additives, reducing the level of difficulty and any delays in the laying process.
  • ETA certified: product inserted in external solid insulation systems awarded an ETA certificate
  • Outstanding wetting and thixotropic properties.
  • The special additives contained in Raso Top 800 make for easy application both vertically as well as over-head.
  • Controlled hygrometric shrinkage. the presence of fibres and the special formula of Raso Top 800 minimise cracking.
  • Outstanding styling finish. Thanks to the inert materials selected in a constant particle size curve, the finishes accomplished with Raso Top 800 allow paint or decorative treatments to be achieved even without further working.


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