Raso W160 Fibre-reinforced Render Basecoat and Adhesive 25kg (Pallet x40 bags)

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Pallet Offer - 40 bags

Weight Colour Consumption
25kg  Grey 4.0 - 6.0 kg/m²

Raso W160 Fibre-reinforced Base Coat & Adhesive 25kg

Raso W 160 base coat is a professional-grade skim coat/adhesive for interiors and exteriors, made with Portland cement, carefully selected sands, polymer-modified resins and additives that give it a considerable adhesive capacity and good workability. The addition of special mineral fibres means it is possible to combine improved shock resistance with good flexibility. Raso W 160 proves to be an ideal substrate for subsequent application of decorative coatings made with silicates, acrylics, siloxanes, or paintwork. The superior adhesive capacity, the enhanced pot life and the exceptional spreadability make it particularly recommended for licata therm external solid insulation systems and as a skim coating, in the reinforced repair of façades during restoration work.


Main Areas Of Application

    • Raso W 160 can be used on the majority of substrates commonly used in construction, for work on both new and existing buildings. It is mainly intended for use in:

    • Licata therm external solid insulation systems with classic panels such as EPS, graphite EPS or XPS (only for low bottom board strips)

  • Limeeee/cement based renders
    • Prefabricated concrete or cast in-situ

    • Auto-claved aerated concrete

  • Old paintwork and coatings provided they are clean, consistent and well anchored to the substrate Owing to its outstanding permeability to water vapour, Raso W 160 is also recommended for Licata therm external solid insulation with rock wool or glass wool panels. It is also suitable for single or double layer skim coatings with reinforcement on renders or lime-based finishes where no damp-proofing treatment or the use of bio-compatible materials is required.


    • Universal product: owing to its special composition, Raso W 160 adheres to the majority of substrates commonly used in construction.

    • Easy workability. The combined spreadability, easy detachment of tools and simple working are obtained thanks to the use of latest-generation additives, reducing the level of difficulty and any delays in the laying process.

    • Regulating: Raso W 160 can also be used as a "regulating" product on extra thick surfaces that are not flat (up to 10 mm).

  • Outstanding thixotropy: the special additives contained in Raso W 160 make for easy application both vertically as well as over-head.
    • Controlled hygrometric shrinkage. The presence of special mineral fibres minimises the formation of cracks.

  • Excellent aesthetic finish: thanks to the selected inert materials in constant grading curve with a maximum diameter < 1.0 mm the finish achieved with Raso W160 base coat/adhesive allow paint or decorative treatments even without further processing.


Technical Data Sheet

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