Proleveling System Rotating Prommelcap Pomel Blue - pack of 50

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The 50 Pack of Progress Profiles ProLeveling Tile Leveling System - Rotating Pommel Caps fit all threaded ProLeveling Stems (linear, cross, and "T" levelers) and can be reused indefinitely.

The Progress Profiles ProLeveling System is a revolutionary and innovative tile leveling system that is ideal for laying medium and large tile material with a thickness between 2 and 40 mm.

This patented system consists of three elements:

  • a leveling base (of 1, 2, 3, or 5 mm) with spaced notches for  spacing/separating/joining floors in all kinds of material.
  • a threaded stem central to and perpendicular to the base, with various easy snap-off points.
  • a pommel cap that tightens down on the stem and base creating a level surface.

The threaded stem is attached perpendicularly to the leveler base in a way that allows for easy adjustment with turns of the pommel cap during installation. Removal of the cap and Stem after the materials are set is made easy with strategically placed breakage points that release with either increased pressure by turning the cap or by kicking the cap in the direction of the joint. One cap fits all threaded stems and can be reused an infinite amount of times for big cost savings.

The patented Progress Profiles ProLeveling System - PPLS assists in the reduction or elimination of ledging and lippage in the installation of various types of materials that are applied to floors or walls with mortar including: Large Format Tile, Natural Stone, Thin Profile Tile and many others.

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