Parex Render Bead Adhesive

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Parex Render Bead Adhesive 350ml

  • Parex Render Bead Adhesive is based on new technology making it the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive especially created for the installation of external render beads, uniquely packed in a plastic 350ml cartridge.

  • arex Render Bead Adhesive is capable of bonding render beads to

  • almost all materials, porous and non-porous, such as, bricks, blockwork, stone, render boards, plasterboard, concrete, PVC/stainless/aluminium beads, stonewool, EPS.

  • This superior adhesive has the ability to bond in both wet and dry conditions. With incredible initial grab and high bonding strength,

  • Parex Render Bead Adhesive is the number one choice for render

  • bead applications. Some key benefits:

  • High initial grab

  • Excellent bond strength

  • Can be applied to wet surfaces

  • Designed for use with Parex mineral renders


Technical Data Sheet

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