Parex Monorex GM 25kg G30 Mouse Grey

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Parex Monorex One Coat Colour Render GM 25kg

 Parex Monorex GM 25kg 

  • Through coloured one-coat weather resistant and breathable decorating render for vertical masonry and concrete walls. 

  • Expected coverage 1.0m2 per 25kg.


  • Medium scraped

  • Spray textured

  • Smooth spray textured

Suitable For

  • Masonry and walls conforming to BS 5628-3 and constructed from the following:

  • Ultra-lightweight, lightweight & dense aggregate concrete blocks(1). n Bricks.

  • Clay blocks e.g. Porotherm(1)

  • Standard low and normal density lightweight aircrete blocks.

  • Breeze blocks (clinker)(1).

  • Stone/rubble stone. n Shuttered concrete(1).

  • Expanded clay insulation blocks(1).

  • Clean, sound, well adhered existing render.

  • Base coats conforming to BS EN 13914-1

  • PAREX grey weather resistant base coats, e.g. MONOGRIS E, PARMUREX or TRADIREX.

  • Dry-stacked inter-locking modular wall units e.g. Durisol recycled timber blocks Durisol with MONOREX GM is NHBC approved for single skin external wall construction.

  • For below dpc applications and old substrates in accordance with BS8000 - 4 Code of Practice for Waterproofing, consult Parex. (1) These substrates will require a suction control coat of MICRO GOBETIS 3000.


Technical Data Sheet

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