Parex Monogris E

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A high performance polymer modified, weather resistant, grey base coat and finishing render for vertical external and internal walls. Suitable for equalising suction on mixed substrates and as a bonding base coat on to high or low suction substrates.

SUBSTRATES SUITABLE FOR Masonry and walls conforming to BS 5628-3 and constructed from the following: 

• Concrete blocks. 

• Bricks.

• Clay blocks e.g. Porotherm*

• Lightweight aircrete concrete blockwork.

• Breeze blocks (clinker).

• Stone/rubble stone.

• Shuttered concrete.

•Expanded clay insulation blocks.

•Clean, sound, well adhered existing render.

• Base coats conforming to BS EN 13914-1 n PAREX grey weather resistant base coats, e.g. MONOGRIS E, PARMUREX or TRADIREX.

•Dry-stacked inter-locking modular wall units e.g. Durisol* *Consult masonry manufacturer’s datasheets. 

•Below dpc applications and old substrates in accordance with BS8000 - 4 Code of Practice for Waterproofing - consult Parex for guidance.


•Weak mortar or plaster (Gypsum) coated constructions.

•Exposed vertical substrates with a backward incline more than 10º from the vertical – A backward incline may affect water runoff and may have a tendency to hold moisture.

• Painted substrates – Use PARINTER first.



Key Coat Application

  • Spray apply a stippled 2-3mm layer leaving a well textured stippled surface
  • Hand apply a 2-3mm thick layer to the substrate and using a toothed trowel or a heavy duty and well laiden roller, texture the surface to leave a combed effect or stippled finish respectively
  • Ensure the product is mixed correctly with the correct water content and do not allow the render to cure too quickly as surface holes in the render could occur. Avoid applying large areas of the key coat before creating the stippled or toothed trowel finish when applying by hand

To Recieve a One-Coat Finishing Coat e.g. Monorex, Monoblanco etc. 

Spray or hand apply, leaving a ruled, level toothed trowel finished minimum thickness of 6 - 8mm

To recieve a paint coating e.g. DPR Coating or DPR, Revlane+, Silicate and Siloxanne Coatings

Spray or hand apply a ruled and level 7 - 8mm base coat and leave with a toothed trowel finish. When the base coat has dried, apply a second layer of 7 - 8mm thickness and trowel and level smooth. The covering thickness must be a minimum of 15mm at all points.

Monogris E can be left as a finished coat though evenness of colour is not guaranteed.



  • Product intended for professional use
  • Ensure aircrete blocks are fully dry before applying the product as block shrinkage could occur and this may crack the render if applied on a wet substrate
  • Due to shrinkage differentials, avoid applying a thin base coat and a thicker top coat application as the shrinkage values of a thicker top coat could cause the render to delaminate from the base coat. The same effect is also caused by applying a very hard render over a softer base coat
  • It is advisable when completing the different finishes, to take into account the hardening time, which will vary according to climatic conditions
  • Avoid applications on substrates exposed to direct sun or in hot drying winds
  • Do not apply on over heated substrates. In hot condition dampen the substrate prior to application. Dampen the render after application
  • Do not apply to a frozen substrate or on thawing substrates. Do not use in freezing conditions. Take precautions during damp climatic conditions (Discolouration could occur)
  • Do not apply on very wet substrates or where there are wet patches. (Discolouration could occur)
  • Minimum application temperatures: +5°C for light colours, +8°C for dark colours
  • Over 30°C, special precautions must be taken
  • In order to reduce the risk of colour differences after drying, always use the same batch number for the same façade


Technical Data Sheet

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