Licata Speedy Top Coat Accelerator

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Licata Speedy Top Coat Accelerator

At temperatures less than 10 °C and under conditions of high humidity, the film formation of resins in paints, plasters or coatings is seriously impaired. This can result in heavy damages in the coating due to rain or frost. The perfect solution in such cases is the film formation acceleration additive Speedy Top Coat. Façades also dry in autumn or in spring at temperatures of only 5 °C and with relative humidity of up to 95 %.

Unique properties

Early rain resistance

Plaster dries at 5 °C and 95 % humidity in 6-7 hours, paint in 1-2 hours

Versatile in application

It is still workable at 20 °C and higher

The coating hardens through evenly (no skin development) – Good resistance to             yellowing

No limited pot life

Simple to dose it is sufficient to add one bottle per coat bucket.

Optimises delivery times allowing you to work without delays in harsh climates.


Preparation of the product

1 - Add Speedy Top Coat Accelerator to the coating to be treated following the doses reported.

2 - Mix the decorative product for 5-6 minutes with a low speed mixing drill.

3 - Let the product at rest for at least 6 – 8 minutes, and in any case until the incorporated air has been released.


Technical Data Sheet

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