LicaCem 200 Plaster Mortar 25kg

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  • Consumption: 13kg/m²
  • Grain Size: 1.5mm

Licata LicaCem 200

LicaCem 200 is a plaster mortar, with controlled hygrometric shrinkage, based on white lime and cement, selected aggregates, special additives.

It is used as a base plaster on brick walls, concrete blocks, rough concrete etc.

Formulated in the Licata SpA Research & Development laboratories, LicaCem 200 is characterized by excellent thixotropy, easy workability, high adhesion and wetting power. The controlled hygrometric shrinkage, added value of this product, allows it to be applied even in thicknesses of up to 25 mm in a single coat, minimizing cracking phenomena in all phases of the product's life (application, plastic phase, maturation).


  • Easy workability. The combination of smoothness, easy detachment from tools and ease of processing is obtained thanks to the use of latest generation additives, reducing the difficulties of laying.
  • Controlled hygrometric shrinkage. The special formulation of LicaCem 200 minimizes the appearance of cracks and lesions.
  • Excellent wetting power
  • Excellent thixotropy
  • Good adhesion strength


Technical Data Sheet

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