LBS Spritz & Bonding Mortar

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LBS spritz & bonding mortar

– Ideal as waterproofing rough coarse, thanks to WT additives – The surface hydrophobic film improves curing and mechanical strengths – The controlled hydraulic shrinkage protects from passing-through cracks – The additivation impedes the effect of damp rise. – High and stable adhesion is assured even in reverse water pressure – Adjustable consistency just changing water, according to pose necessities

-Pose of a gripping impermeabile layer with high adhesion, before the laying of coverings for wall, floor, ceiling – Mortar for localized repairs of concrete (class R3 according to 1504-3), with excellent waterproofing and protection abilities (1504-2) -Can also be used as a semi-fluid bedding mortar

-Flooring subject to erosion by water -Waterproofing grip mortars/rough coats -Old flooring substrates -Concrete -Aerated concrete -Cotto, bricks, stone -Every kind of mortar -Cementitious materials in general, as long as they have a water absorption not excessive and not completely absent.


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