LBS Silicone Render 1.5mm

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LBS Silicone Render

Coating paste, ready for use, highly water repellent and permeable steamed, for facades of thermal insulation system and plasters of new and old buildings. The product claims features of excellent mechanical resistance, resistance of algae attack, fungus and mould. With broad spectrum of action, excellent water vapour permeability, water repellency with self cleaning, elasticity and excellent workability. LBS Silicone render is ready for use, available in different grain sizes, textures and colours.



LBS Silicone render is used as a special protective and decorative plaster for exterior on walls with Thermal Coating Systems. LBS Silicone render is used as a mineral protective and decorative plaster, white and coloured, on plasters made of lime-cement for exterior. Before the finish it is recommended to apply the top coat primer, to standardise the absorption and obtain a uniform colour.



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