LBS S1 Floor & Wall Tile Adhesive 20kg

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LBS S1 Floor & Wall Tile Adhesive 20kg 

Suitable Substrates

-Screeds and self-leveling mortars
-Existing ceramic floors
-Concrete (armed, aerated, ecc)
-Renderings and every kind of mortars
-Cementitious waterproofing, including swimming pools
-Cementitious materials in general, as long as they have a water
absorption not excessive or totally absent


If the substrate is not solid and well cohesive, it is necessary to repair and reinforce it with mortars from LBS lines. In the presence of detaching materials (powder, rubble…) or lubricants (fats, waxes, detergents…) on the surface to be treated, make an accurate cleaning and/or a light abrasion sulla superficie da trattare, effettuare una accurata pulizia e/o una leggera abrasione. Plasterboard, anidrite and similar absorbing surfaces must be treated with a primer in order to uniformate water absorption. Pour ¾ of the mixing water in a clean recipent, add the powder and mix for roughly 3 minutes with low-frequency machine, adding gradually the remaining of the water until obtaining an homogeneous and smooth paste.


Let the fresh mix rest for 5-10 minutes, stir it again a little and then apply it with a toothed spatula (5-10 mm). Tiles must be clean and not covered in powder, but there is no necessity to wet them. For application in harsh environmental or chemical conditions, (swimming pools, tiles >1m² or very thick, external applications, etc) it is strongly recommended the double coating technique. Press the tile enough to distribute the adhesive between substrate and tile, and let it dry 24-48 hours before use it for foot traffic. If the adhesive forms a film on the surface it is possible to refresh it by just mixing, without adding water.

General Precautions

Do not make partial mixing or add anything to the powder except for clean water at ambient T°. Do not use broken bags, already opened or of hardened/lumped material. Do not add more water to the paste already mixed. The fresh product must be protected from a too fast evaporation (by screening it from direct sun and wind) for at least 48-72 hours after the pose. The timing and data here reported are referred to controlled conditions of 21°C and UR 65%. Higher temperatures can accelerate them, and lower temperatures slow down and even completely stop the hardening under 5°C.
Wash the instruments with water when the material is still fresh.

Application Data

Aspect: white or grey powder
Max grain size: 0.5 mm
Open time: > 40 min
Registrability: 20 min
Layer thickness: > 2 mm
Yield: 2.5-5kg/m²
Fresh mortar density: 1550±30 g/dm³
Water: 6.50-7.0 liters/bag (26%-28%)
Mixing time: 3 min
Packaging: 20kg bags
Temperature of seasoning and application: from +5° to +35°C
Conservation in a dry place: 12 months from production date

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