LBS Render Mortar

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LBS Render Mortar

– Ideal for structural waterproofing thanks to the WT-additives – The minimal hydraulic shrinkage protects from passing-through cracks – High and stable adhesion is assured even in reverse water pressure – Suitable for structural operations thanks to the excellent resistances – Easy to work and flowing, reduces fatigue and application times – The thixotropic consistency and adhesive strength makes it perfect for above-head works – The granulometric curve adopted allows for finiture suitable for every need

Choosing LBS render mortar

– Structural waterproofing rendering for walls, concrete and mortars eroded by humidity (both against-ground and with rising damp) – Structural reinforcement with plain finishing of vertical and horizontal surfaces – Refurbishment of concrete, structural or non-structural (class R4 according to EN 1504-3), and protection from water penetration (EN 1504-2)

-Walls and floorings subject to erosion from water -Rigid waterproofing mortars, especially plasters -Concrete -Aerated concrete -Cotto, bricks, stone -Every kind of mortar -Cementitious materials in general, as long as they have a water absorption not excessive and not completely absent


In the presence of materials either detaching (layers not well cohesive of old walls, powder, rubble) or lubricant (fats, waxes, detergents…) on the surface to be treated, dispose an accurate cleaning or a slight abhrasion. Pour ¾ of the total mixing water in a clean container, add the powder and mix for 3 minutes with a low-speed mixing machine, adding gradually the remaining water until obtaining a homogenous paste. It can also be applied with machines (such as “Turbosol” pumps, etc).

Main Uses


Appearance: grey powder Max grain size: 1.2 mm Workable time: 30 min from mixing Thickness for layer: 5-25 mm N of layers: 2+ Yield: 1.95 kg/m per mm Fresh mortar density: 2010±30g/dm

Water: 3.5 – 4.00 litres/bag (14%-16%) Mixing time: 3 min Packaging: 25kg bags Application and curing temperature: between +5° and +35° C Storage in a dry place: 12 months from production


Technical Data Sheet

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