LBS Finishing Mortar

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LBS Finishing Mortar 


– Waterproof reinforcement of concrete, walls and mortars eroded by humidity (both against-ground and with rising damp) – Hidrophobized finishing of waterproofing structural rendering mortars, before the application of decoratives and coatings. – Refurbishment of concrete, structural or non-structural (class R4 according to EN 1504-3), and protection from water penetration (EN 1504-2)

– WT-additives make it a completely water-repellent material

– The minimal hydraulic shrinkage protects from passing-through cracks

– High and stable adhesion is assured even in reverse water pressure

– Suitable for structural operations thanks to the excellent resistance

– Easy to work and flowing, reduce fatigue and application times

– The thixotropic consistency and adhesion make it perfect for above-head works

– The granulometric curve adopted allows for furniture suitable for every need



Technical Data Sheet

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