Kerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg Tub (Choice of Colours)

Colour Choice: 01 White
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Kerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg Tub (Choice of Colours)


- Suitable For Internal & External Use

- Resistant to UV rays

- Waterproof – Drop effect, water-resistant, non-absorbent and does not change colour

- Approved for marine use

- 12 Available Colours

-  Joint Width: From 0 to 5 mm

- Size: 3kg Tub


Tests have shown that Fugalite Bio is less sensitive to photo-ageing by direct sunlight than any other organic grout.

All 24 colours have been subjected to UV light and sunlight resistance cycles, passing these tests with colour stability values that guarantee their durability.

Even white, although used infrequently outside, has been subjected to the same ageing cycles.

Fugalite Bio is a water-based hypo-allergenic resin for waterproof, stain-proof, silk-effect grouting.

Fugalite Bio combines perfectly with all the different solutions and materials in use today, such as porcelain tiles, natural stone and glass mosaics.

• Resistant to UV rays
• Internal and external flooring and walls
• Waterproof – Drop effect, water-resistant, nonabsorbent and does not change colour
• Bacteriostatic – CSTB-tested. Prevents the proliferation of bacteria and moulds
• Stain proof – Can be cleaned easily
• Complies with HACCP/EC 852/2004 requirements for food hygiene
• Catas-tested for colour durability in external applications
• Approved for marine use


Technical Data Sheet

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