Gebofoam D500 Cleaner 500ml

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Gebofoam D500 Cleaner 500ml 


CD01 is a dissolver for cleaning and removing polyurethane foam from all kind of
foam guns, working tools and from all surfaces. It facilitates the applying of each kind
of foam enabling the easy cleaning at the end of job, avoiding the misfiring and the
closing of guns nozzles.


• It doesn’t contain any acid, corrosive or toxic compound.
• It doesn’t contain any halogenated, chlorinate and aromatic solvents.
• It dries very quickly without leaving any residual.
• Universal, it can be used with all types of PU guns on commerce.
• It doesn’t’ contain any compound which can be harmful for stratospheric ozone.


Screw the spray on gun body avoiding to close it too hard, then dispense at short
intervals clearing the conducts, which will result free from any kind of foam residual.
In order to clean the work instruments, such as scrapers, spatulas, putty knives,
trowels, cutters, etc., please assemble the dispenser given and spray at short
distance on the parts to be dissolved using a piece of paper, clothes, etc. 


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