Finish Pro 280 Fibre-Reinforced Mortar

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Size Grain Size Colours Consumption
25kg 2 mm Grey 1.15 kg/m² per 1mm thickness

Licata Finish Pro 280 Fibre-Reinforced Mortar

FinishPro 280 finds its natural destination of use as: skimming for cycles of concrete restoration | straightening and protective layer after the application of mortars for restoration | skimming and protection from phenomena of carbonation of reinforced concrete works | straightening and protection of concrete structures with surfaces that are not uniform | interventions on cementitious infrastructure in general. Lime/cement based plasters | brick and tile | insulating panels in EPS, graphite EPS or XPS.


  • Easy workability: Finish Pro 280, once mixed becomes a fluid mortar with extended pot-life to better refine the treated surfaces.
  • Fibre-reinforced: Finish Pro 280 is reinforced, the special HT fibres drastically reduce the cracking phenomena by increasing the resistance to bending.
  • High Adhesion Strength: Finish Pro 280 adheres to most of the substrates commonly used in the construction industry. The binding values obtained after exposure to extreme conditions of frost, heat and chemical aggression are proof of its reliability.
  • Controlled Shrinkage: Finish Pro 280 has dimensional stability, guaranteed by shrinkage that is near zero., allowing its application in thicknesses ranging between 1 and 10 mm.
  • Excellent aesthetic finish: Finish Pro 280 was formulated with the diameter of the aggregate such as to allow subsequent painting or decorative treatments without further processing.


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