Evolution WHX42 4.2 X 42mm pack of 200

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Sale price£7.48 GBP
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Evolution WHX42 4.2 x 42mm Cementitious Board Screws (pack of 200)

Described as the "universal dense board fastener".
Evolution WHX screws have benn specifically designed to fix and self countersink in all cementitious boards and to all common base materials.

Evosheild coating

  • Countersununk head with nibs for flush finish
  • Self-drilling point suitable for use in timber and 0.5mm - 2.5mm drywall track
  • Coarse thread for rapid advancement in base material

New Design Brings:

  • Wider range (4.2mm x 42mm / 60mm / 80mm / 100mm)
  • Distributors can carry fewer stock parts (one design fixes all)
  • Multiple uses, perfect for fastening cement boards, plywood and other dense composites and sheet materials
  • Single tip / thread style across the range allows fixing to all base materials with one screw type
  • Easy self countersinking in hard / dense sheathing materials
  • 500HR coating for high performing corrosion resistance
  • Bi-Met stainless steel version also available

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