EPS Grey Insulation Expanded Polystyrene 0.72m²

Thickness: 20mm
Option: Per Pack
£3.61 / m2
Sale price£78.00 GBP
per pack )
£3.01 / m2
Sale price£65.00 GBP
per pack )


The following thicknesses: 100mm ,120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 170mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm lead time is 3-5 working days

Thickness Sheets per pack Pack coverage
20mm 30 sheets 21.6m²
30mm 20 sheets 14.4m²
40mm 15 sheets 10.8m²
50mm 12 sheets 8.64m²
60mm 10 sheets 7.2m²
70mm 8 sheets 5.76m²
80mm 7 sheets 5.04m²
90mm 6 sheets 4.32m²
100mm 6 sheets 4.32m²
120mm 5 sheets 3.6m²
130mm 4 sheets 2.88m²
140mm 4 sheets 2.88m²
150mm 4 sheets 2.88m²
170mm 3 sheets 2.16m²
180mm 3 sheets 2.16m²
200mm 3 sheets 2.16m²
250mm 2 sheets 1.44m²

Technical Information

Thickness: 20mm - 150mm
Width: 600mm
Length: 1200mm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.038W/mK
R-Value: 1.97W/(m2K)
Weight/m²: 1.13kg
Pack coverage: 0.72m²
Compressive Strength: 70kPa
Water vapour resistivity: 20-40 MN.s/g.m
Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): E

EPS Grey Insulation Expanded Polystyrene 0.72m²

Graphite EPS is a lightweight cellular plastic material suitable for a wide range of building-insulation applications. It is an excellent insulating medium which exhibits consistent thermal performance over the range of temperatures normally encountered in buildings.

The material is versatile, light in weight, clean and easy to handle, and provides a cost-effective means of including permanent insulation in floors, walls and roofs to meet, and exceed, the standards laid down in the building regulations.


Technical Data Sheet

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