Acrylic Brick Slips LIC6034 D

Type: Brick Slips (m²)
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Acrylic Brick slips have been used to finish interior and exterior walls. Many millions of square meters of façade have been finished using brick slips. Brick slips are ideal for façade cladding, in both technical and aesthetic sense. When brick slips are used in new builds or renovation projects, they are given a masonry look that cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork. This means that the authentic value of buildings and neighbourhoods is retained.

Do It Yourself

Flexibility and ease of work makes acrylic brick slips the most friendly DIY product, available for everyone.

Installation of flexible brick slips requires no special tools and can be performed by any person who has a basic knowledge of DIY. 

Adhesive is the grout

Acrylic brick slips system consists only two components: a flexible brick slip and special adhesive which also is the grout. After embedding the acrylic brick slips, with the help of a brush smooth out the adhesive to achieve finished grout effect.


Technical Data Sheet

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