Aggrappante LG Multipurpose Bonding Primer 20kg

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Weight Colours Consumption
20kg Light Blue 0.250 kg/m²

Licata Aggrappante LG Multipurpose Bonding Primer 20kg

Universal pigmented primer based on acrylic resins and natural silica inert fillers. Specifically for bridging primer on smooth surfaces for rendering or skim coating cycles. The presence of inert fillers allows Aggrappante LG to create rough surfaces for excellent grip, allowing rendering and/or skim coatings to bond perfectly to cement or lime/cement. Ideal on absorbent substrates as well because it uniforms the drying of successive layers.

Main Fields Of Use

Aggrappante LG is suitable for preparing substrates in internal/external areas, both new or existing, on residential,industrial or commercial buildings. It is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks. It can be applied to substrates, such as:

    • Smooth concrete
    • Absorbent walls/substrates
    • Particleboard (on pre-fabricated buildings
    • Plaster board


Evens out absorption: ideal even on porous surfaces as it regulates the drying of subsequent materials (plaster, skimcoating) avoiding “burn” cause by the substrate absorbing excessive amounts of water in the mixture. Excellent bonding power: ideal as bridging primer on horizontal or vertical vibrated/smooth concrete panels. Creates a rough surface which is ideal for bonding renders/skim coatings. Universal: Aggrappante LGcan be applied to the most commonly used substrates in building. Low VOC content: extremely low release, compliant with European laws on volatile organic components.


Technical Data Sheet

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