Adjustable Starter Track Combined with Bellcast Bead 100mm – 160mm

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uPVC Starter Track 100mm-160mm (2m)

The uPVC Starter Track is a versatile solution for EPS boards, offering insulation thicknesses ranging from 60-90mm to 170mm-240mm. It provides a solid base for installation, safeguarding the base of the boards, and is thermal bridge-free, featuring PVC bellcast beading and fibreglass mesh for a professional start

Intended Uses

The Starter Track, made of uPVC, is a crucial component in ensuring insulation on walls, providing a level structure for insulation boards to be installed.

Key Feauters

  • uPVC Starter Track linear meterage: 2 meters
  • Track depth:100-160mm 
  • Materials: PVC Starter Track, PVC Bellcast Bead & Fibreglass mesh
  • Easy installation of the base track by standard hole pattern for wall mounting.
  • Optimal plaster fixation by mesh flag of the combined bellcast bead.
  • Easy insertion of the combined bellcast bead through an optimal notch on the PVC base profile.
  • No interfering mesh flag when setting the insulation board.

Installation Instructions
To achieve optimum results we recommend a maximum distance of the dowels of 16 cm.
Upon request we provide our mounting accessories.

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