How to repair white tiles

Don't worry if your white wall or floor tiles have a chip, scrape, or crack. We're here to guide you on making those tiles look new again with our expert tips...

You can't go wrong with white tiles when it comes to adorning a wall or a floor space. They are strong, long-lasting, and simple to install. However, as durable as floor tiles are, like with everything, if they are continuously trampled underfoot or dragged over by dining chairs, you may notice the occasional chip, scrape, or break. Don't worry if you do; we're here to help! The guidelines below will help you in getting your white wall and floor tiles looking like new!

1) How to Repair Minor Chips and Scratches

Small chips around the margins are the most prevalent problem with white floor tiles. They stand out more on darker tiles, revealing the lighter ceramic or porcelain beneath them. There's a simple solution for hiding tile chips that you undoubtedly have in your house right now. Nail polish!

Choose a complementary colour (or combine two colours to achieve the desired hue) and paint it onto the chip! The nail varnish may darken with time. If this is the case, just remove the nail polish and reapply the original mixture. This is also good for scratches!

2) Repairing Major Chips or Holes

If you've been extremely rough on your floor tiles and they've developed bigger chips that can't be repaired with nail polish, you'll need to step up your remedy. You can find ceramic filler online. It has the consistency of plasticine and dries fully solid. It is available in a range of colours.

Simply combine two colours until you have a matching colour, then work it into the chip or hole and let it dry. However, depending on the tile, replacing the entire thing may be less expensive.

3) Repairing a Broken or Cracked Tile

If the crack extends beyond the tile's visual look - if the entire piece has truly broken in two - replacing it is your best alternative. We recommend purchasing 10% more than you require to account for chopped parts and extras. So, perhaps, you'll have some extras in the shed. If you don't, the Italian Building Centre may be your best hope of finding a match.

If you want to be safe and have lots of spare space for future use, you may get one full-size sample tile or a square metre. Once you have your replacement tile, use a chisel to score around the shattered tile and prize up the broken bits. Scrape away any residue that has accumulated beneath the tile, apply new adhesive, and then sink the new tile into the hole before grouting the seams with matching tile grout.

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