NanoSil Primer 10ltr

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10ltr Clear 0.100 – 0.150 ltr/m²

NanoSil Primer 10 ltr

Transparent fixative primer for professional use based on potassium silicate stabilised, for outdoor use. Complying with the standard DIN 18363. It is specific as fixative before each decoration cycle with coatings or micro coatings with photo catalytic power. Its formulation is specially designed to maximize the self-cleaning effect of the next decorative layer. NanoSil Primer combines excellent adhesion characteristics (creating a layer of optimal bonding between the substrate and the photo catalytic paint), and makes the absorption uniform both on new substrates, and on existing ones, optimising the yield of NanoSil Paint. It does not affect the permeability to water vapour making the entire decorative cycle breathable,self-cleaning, mineral.

Main Fields Of Use

NanoSil Primer is indicated for the decoration of indoor/outdoor, new or existing bases, on residential, industrial or commercial buildings. It is advisable to use the product on cured bases, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks.It can be applied on bases such as:

  • Cement base civil finishing
  • Façades already painted, after careful inspection and cleaning of the base
  • Tunnels, underpasses
  • Cement
  • Concrete


  • Photo catalytic and self-cleaning: the specific formulation of NanoSil Primer maximizes the effect of the photo catalytic decoration that, using nanometre particles, allow the oxidation of the polluting substances deposited on the façade.
  • High adhesive power: thanks to its formulation based on stabilised potassium silicate, NanoSil Primer firmly adheres to mineral substrates through a chemical process called “Silication”.
  • Mineral product: primer formulated with potassium silicates in aqueous dispersion and solvents free, NanoSil Primer combines optimal application properties to a totally mineral matrix allowing greater comfort during the application phase and minimising the risks to health.
  • Breathable: formulated with mineral binders, NanoSil Primer creates a non-filming micro porous layer, therefore breathable.


Technical Data Sheet

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