Kerakoll SLC L34 Hybrid Hardwood Floor Adhesive 16kg

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Certified, eco‑friendly, organic, mineral adhesive for the high‑performance laying of hardwood floors.

L34 Hybrid develops a perfect balance between adhesive force and elasticity that guarantees the safe laying of prefinished and traditional hardwood floors on any type of substrate.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • No environmental hazard rating
  • Easy to spread • High coverage
  • Quick and safe to clean, ideal to lay pre-finished hardwood floors
  • Anti-shock system technology to guarantee the strength and adhesion in actual working conditions
  • Ideal for underfloor heating systems



Easy installation of laying for traditional and prefinished wood floors made of any format or type of wood, and onto any type of substrate.


  • wood mosaic, industrial hardwood floors and according to EN 13488 and EN 14761
  • solid wood elements without strips, thin strip, strip flooring and according to EN 13227
  • solid wood tongue-and-groove boards and according to EN 13226 and EN 13228
  • pre-finished, pre-polished, tongue-and-groove plywood strips and according to EN 13489
  • wood flooring according to EN 14342


  • cement-based screeds
  • anhydrite screeds
  • screeds produced with Keracem® Eco
  • wood panels
  • existing marble, ceramic, homogeneous tile or similar floors
  • cast asphalt screeds

Interior floors in residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for heated substrates.

Do not use

On substrates subject to rising damp; on heated subfloors not properly prepared; on anhydrite screeds not properly prepared and on a general basis on non-absorbent subfloors not properly prepared.


Technical Data Sheet

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