Kerakoll Slc Eco 45 3 Adhesive for PVC, Rubber and PVC backed Materials 18kg

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Certified, eco‑friendly, organic mineral adhesive to lay PVC and PVC‑backed materials on absorbent substrates.

45/3 forms a strongly anchored film for the safe laying of all types of PVC, cushion flooring, carpeting, any PVC backed materials and to lay rubber (up to 2 mm in thickness) on absorbent substrates.

  • Flooring and walls, for internal use
  • Easy to spread
  • Suitable for heated substrates
  • Ideal for floors which have to bear concentrated loads and withstand the strain of furniture fitted with castors
  • Ideal for sheets and carpet tiles
  • Approved for marine use



Laying of vinyl floors and coverings on absorbent substrates.


  • heavy vinyl floors and coverings (cloth and tiles)
  • cushion-floors
  • carpet and PVC-backed materials
  • rubber in domestic applications


  • levelling and self-levelling mineral products
  • cement-based screeds
  • cement plasters
  • anhydrite screeds
  • cast asphalt
  • wood panels

Walls and floors. Interiors in residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for heated substrates. Suitable for floors subject to concentrated loads, castors and wheels (EN 12529).

Field of application Directive CE MED

Environmentally compatible organic mineral adhesive in water dispersion.

Mass per area 255 ± 35 (g/m2 )

Thickness (mm) 1.2 ± 10%

As finishing material for all exposed interior and concealed or inaccessible surfaces. The product may be applied to any non-combustible support having a thickness equal to or greater than 10 mm and a density of ≥ 656 kg/m3 .

Do not use

External applications: on non-absorbent substrates, on substrates subject to rising damp; in environments which are permanently damp or likely to get wet and in constant and continuous contact with water.


Technical Data Sheet

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